Friday, 10 June 2011

The revolution will not be televised - Bring your own camera!

Such is the moral pillage, the devastation of hopes, the bonfire of ideas  perpetuated by Berlusconism in this country, that we hang with desperation to voices from abroad.
A famished readership of Italians, tired of walking the globe gaunt and apologetic, has spent the morning posting the Economist's front page on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, as if crying LOOK LOOK, DO YOU SEE IT NOW? The king is naked! 

But, is he? The foreign press has declared Berlusconi dead many times, unfortunately this country ain't the foreign press. If you want change, go out and get it, go out and MAKE it!
The campaign for this weekend's referendum is "Vote YES to say NO!". We should learn the lesson, quit shaking our hanging heads in disapproval, shame, dismay and DO something.

We can "like" The Economist as many times as we wish, but it won't make our revolution.
Vote, make a difference, protest, march at the Europride, strike, climb on the roofs! And while you are there, bring your own camera, because the revolution will not be televised.

PS: On the margin of this quick rant, I'd like to thank the Economist and to inform ilGiornale's readers that they might want to ask around before ruling it out as yet another Communist pamphlet.

But this article is just too hilarious, you need to have a taste of it. A rough translation of the opening paragraph follows:

The Economist, once a serious British business magazine and now playground of the European leftist lobbies, throws some more mud on Italy and on Berlusconi. Put together a bunch of stale articles read on LaRepubblica and ilFatto Quotidiano, add a vulgar headline (The man who screwed an entire country) and done, your front cover is ready[...] It is as if today we had titled: "Economist, it's shit". And who could controvert. Or "Queen Elisabeth's a cockblock". Sure we would be deemed quack and vulgar, slimy scribblers on the paycheck of power. Those dumbos at the Economist, however, today will be praised as free and refined analysts.

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