Thursday, 23 June 2011

P4 and the 4Ps: pimps, prostitutes, plunderers and profiteers

Italians are learning about the P4, the latest and updated version of the masonic gang that rules the country behind the scenes.

Bisignani is the man in the shadow,  politics, media, business, banks, he seems to have been running things in every district of power. He is all over the front pages, but there is just one old picture of his face, we can read everything he said over the phone, but we can’t see him and don't know much about him. (On this issue my translation of an excellent column by Massimo Gramellini)

Immediately the more visible 4Ps sitting in the government and the parliament rush to push through the gag law to impede the kind of phone tapping that is exposing the underbelly of power.

(“It’s a useless government” / “Monsters, jerks and sluts”)

While pimps, prostitutes, plunderers and profiteers sit in the government, the right wing press tells us Brunetta was right about the “worse part of Italy”, it’s there and it’s the precarious teachers, “so called teachers” says ilGiornale, who protested outside the Parliament asking Berlusconi to quit.

(Brunetta was right / There you are, the worse Italy)

IlGiornale and Libero also tell their readers they shouldn’t worry about P4, that doesn’t exist, just like mafia, the real P4 are magistrates (also called PM in Italian, how very convenient for a nice tabloidy headline).

(They only spy the government. The real P4 are the magistrates)

Berlusconi won yesterday a confidence vote and vowed to stay until 2013. He said he has to because “the majority is strong and cohesive”, he said he has to because it would be “folly” to leave the country in political and financial instability, “ending up like other European countries which are virtually bleeding”, he said he has to because there is no alternative to his government, he said he has to although it is “a great sacrifice” but someone has to do it.

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