Monday, 4 July 2011

from the media closet the perfect moral panic, goes with everything, right for any occasion, ladies and gents meet the Black Bloc

institutions, politicians, commentators, dutifully followed and fomented by the media have embraced the black bloc story.

"Terrorism", "attempted murder", "illegal violence" (no problem with legal violence) are just a few of the expression clouding the news about the Val di Susa protest.

The  mainstream media don't get the numbers right, they don't get people, causes, effects, they just don't get the story right, because it's so much more convenient to rely on the easy scapegoat. And on goes the humdrum about English speaking anarchists, the black bloc is back! 

But there is a strong and resourceful local community reclaiming and protecting its territory that will not be silenced.
You can follow the adventures of the Val di Sherwood on Twitter #notav

Activists online (on initiative of the writers collective Wu Ming) bewildered by the absence of #notav in the list of most tweeted hashtags, have collectively started an hashtag guerrilla, hijacking the tag #saldi (sales).

Experiment and resist!

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